Window Cleaning

A&K, Inc. has been a window cleaner in Berkshire County since 1992. We are the local window cleaning company that can provide small or LARGE cleaning services for you.

We perform:

Tall Building Window Cleaning Services

Residential Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Weekly, Monthly, or 1 Time Services Available

Post Construction Windows Clean Up

Gutter Clean Outs

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If you have clogged gutters, plants growing out of your gutters, or you see water spilling over the tops of your gutters, and not really flowing out the downspouts properly; then call A&K, Inc. We can remove the debris, etc.. that is causing the problems. It is important to let you know that A&K, Inc, bags & removes the debris. We don’t just throw the debris on your yard, driveway, or flower gardens.

For any rain gutter clog problems that you may have, A&K,Inc. is the gutter cleaning service in Berkshire County for you; and remember we bag and remove the debris.

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