Water Damage Restoration

24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE: (413) 281-0379

If your home or building in Berkshire County has sustained water damage or has basement water damage from:

  • early snow melt
  • toilet overflows
  • appliance malfunctions
  • river overflows
  • leaky roof
  • frozen/broken pipes
  • leaky pipes
  • heavy rain flooding

I want you to know A&K, Inc. will return your life back to normal as it was before the damage occurred.

A&K, Inc. will take care of your tragedy from START TO FINISH; & also will 'work directly with your Ins. Co.' to lower anymore unwanted stress during the water damage repair.

Flood damage caused from heavy rains, or snow melt usually end up in your basements.

A&K, Inc. not only will perform the flood restoration, but can have your basement waterproofed to eliminate any future basement flood repair.
(Proper dryouts = Saved $$$ in water damage restoration & replacement costs)


We Use

Moisture detectors & hygrometers

to detect where the water is in walls, ceilings, etc.; without putting any unnecessary holes in structure that will require additional costs in repairs.

Extraction units for water removal

submersible & gas powered pumps that can remove 20,000 plus gallons of water/hr for those deep water removal situations. (That's a lot of water removal for any damage restoration water problem).

Disinfectant & anti-microbial treatments

to stop the growth of mildew & bacteria, which is important for your health and helps the damage restoration process.

Dry Out services

High speed air movers, air Injection units & industrial level dehumidifiers forĀ fast drying of carpets, walls & ceilings, wall & ceiling cavities, insulation, floors, cabinetry, furniture, etc... Also for keeping any secondary water damage repair to a minimum.