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Carpet Sales & Installation

Lets make your new carpet purchase easy. Just  call Kirt @ (413) 281-0379 for an in-home/business appointment. With some basic questions answered over the phone, I will bring samples tailored to your desire right to your door step. (SAFE YOUR VEHICLE GAS, and lets make it as CONVENIENT as possible for you).                                

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A&K, Inc, offers new carpet sales and installations from a line carpeting produced by MOHAWK INDUSTRIES.  Whether you need new carpet throughout your home/business or just 1 room; we’ll take care of you. We have experienced installers for residential carpet installation and also for commercial discount carpets installation.

Types of carpeting:

>SMARTSTRAND: ( lifetime stain resistance for BLEACH, RED WINE, &  KOOL AID® ).

    Click on: -learn more about smartstrand…                       

 -fear red wine no more; literature…                    


>EVERSTRAND: (going green; by turning 3 billon recycled plastic bottles into Eco-Friendly carpets).

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>BERBER carpet




Types of padding:

>REBOND ( 6 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb.,  7/16” ; all available with ‘water vapor barrier’ ).

>REBOND ( 8 lb. 5/16” [recommended for BERBER carpet] ).

>REBOND ( 9 lb. 7/16” smartcushion with ‘water vapor barrier’ ).


>FELT ( 20oz, 24oz, 28oz, 32oz, & 40oz )


 As a carpet and rug dealer in Berkshire County A&K, Inc. not only does carpet retail, carpet padding, & commercial carpeting retail; we will perform carpet installation of products purchased elsewhere. A&K, Inc. can also perform carpet repairs.


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MOHAWK INDUSTRIES is all about GOING GREEN & PRESERVING EARTH. ( from using landfills to produce renewable energy; growing corn to produce renewable ingredients for carpet production; turning recycled plastic bottles into beautiful carpet ).


  Click on & view more about going green:

-reduce recycle literature...

-lomax tech literature…


With purchase of new carpeting, A&K will offer the 1st carpet cleaning for free within 1 year of installation.